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If you mean to Capture the Screen, there is a key in your keyboard called "Print Screen" or "PrntScrn", press it, then use a graphic program (such as Paint) and paste the captured image.


Actually, IIRC, [CTRL]+[Print Screen] captures the whole screen

And, [ALT]+[Print Screen] captures the only the active window.

There is also a free program I (also) use called "ScreenHunter Free" which will allow you to capture any given area of the display you want...


The best way to give you more information is for you to experiment with the [CTRL]+[Print Screen] and [ALT]+[Print Screen]

What you would do is use one or the other key combinations, then open Paint, and hit [CTRL]+V to paste what you've captured into Paint.

As for ScreenHunter Free (there is also a version for purchase), after you install it, you can have it load at system start/boot or click the program Icon.

It gives you the oppurtunity to use [F6] as the "hot key" to bring up the application to capture and gives you a "cross hair" to select what you want to capture.

What you capture can be sent to the Windows Clipboard, or a Speficic File Name, or a Sequential FilaName with your dfined prefix, or a combination of those.

Again the best way to learn is to download and test it for yourself.


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