I will be interviewed Monday or somewhere along the school week, to take an IB Computer Science course. I told the teacher that the programming class I had
was a bit too essay and told her I had experience in C++, C# , VB, and python (basic). But I will also like to learn a bit of Java at least the most essential of it. So
does anyone have any tips or should I just watch tutorials like (TheNewBoston)?

Thanks a bunch in advance.!

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Posting in the C++ forum probably isn't the best start. I'll move it to Java and recommend you take a look at the Starting Java thread stickied prominently at the top of the forum.


expecting to learn Java in a few days to a degree where you can fool your teachers into thinking you're more than an absolute beginner is your first major mistake.
Won't even start on the delusion that you can learn Java (or indeed anything) by just watching a few youtube videos about it.


try kathy sierra short but good book

uh, Kathy Sierra is an author, not a book. And most of her books are anything but short.
They are however pretty good in general.

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