I have a C# App with a form which has a groupbox containing many controls. I have the groupbox anchored Top/Bottom/Left/Right to ensure that it sizes appropriately to the users screen resolution.

This app was developed on a machine running Windows XP and it has been working flawlessly for over a year on multiple XP boxes.

Now, our company is converting boxes to Windows 7. I've tested the app on 2 of the converted boxes and in both cases the groupbox refuses to auto anchor properly to the right and bottom. The form itself autosizes to full screen as you would expect, but the groupbox and all its contained controls does not.

Has anyone seen this sort of behavior when transitioning to Windows 7? Any solutions?

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Which version of the .NET libraries do your XP machines have on them? I have no problems with .NET 4 on Win7.

Have you tried recompiling on the Win7 machine?

The XP Machines are running .Net 4. Unfortunately I don't have access to a Win 7 machine at this time that has Visual Studio installed. So I can't recompile on a Win 7 machine. I may check with some of the other IT guys and see if I can find someone who does have the Win 7 setup with VS.

By the way, the App was compiled with VS2008 if that makes a difference.

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