i have a problem in VB6. i have a frmMain, DataEnvironment and Datareport. My form have thirty (30) textboxes to fill-in. at first it all works fine since i filled in only few txtboxes, but when i filled-in all textboxes with many data i could not save the data anymore... error. How can i solve this problem... please help

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This should work for DAO (and ADO, I believe)...

If you are doing SQL... Then I can't help you...

You have to use rst.Update to actually update the database record

You have to use rst.Edit to change fields in the record

Basically, once you open a RecordSet you have to .Edit to change things, then, when you're done changing things, you have to .Update to write the changes back into the database...


thanks for your help guys... i change some fields that contain only 50 texts, i made it 255 so that more text can be entered. it worked!

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