Im a Junior in college now (Computer science Engineering). Im planning to start my Java certification.

Im comfortable with programming in java. Im familiar with most common API and also with swing and Collections, Concurrency, etc. and also with OOPS concepts.

So I thought I might take an entry level exam or something. But Oracles page for Certification is so cryptic.

Can anyone please suggest how to proceed from here? I want to be certified as a Java SE programmer.

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As per my information there is no prerequisite for becoming an OCPJP (Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer). Yes for becoming an OCPWCD, OCPBCD you have to be a OCPJP. For more inforamtion you can visit the official site or just google it.

I cant find the official site... Im from India and where do I have to go and write this exam? And is OCPJP alone any worth?

> And is OCPJP alone any worth?
It shows you can study for and pass basic tests. That is about all.

So no worth of having it? have u got one?

I never bothered with it myself. Perhaps it may help you get that first real job, but beyond that your working experience will be more of a factor than certs in future work. I only know one person who bothered with the JCP and that was only because he was between contracts at the time and just looking for something to do.

If you do decide you'd like to take it, don't pay some prep company a bunch of money to train you for it. There are plenty of reference and practice exams available on the net.

OK. Ill take it. And yeah Im definitely not gonna pay for prep courses. We have campus placements in our Uni, so this cert would be useful for that as well. Thanks a lot!

Will it be very tough?

Depends on how good your preparations are. Kathy Sierra books are pretty good when it comes to certification preparation, for e.g. this one for SCJP 6(called something else now but doesn't matter AFAIK).

The secret is to not just "read" the book but also try out the examples "without" blindly copying them from the textbook. I do know that this might be a far cry for someone who wants to give the certification ASAP but still worth a try. Google around for "SCJP 6 mock exams" for practice problems.

Ok Thanks everyone. Im gonna start preparing this and complete it before my next sem ends. Gonna take GRE after next sem.

Marks dont count right?

I dont want to share my email with you. U cud upload it and send the link please..?

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