Hi can you pls help me how this program containing a function that accepts a 5-digit numbers & returns the digit in reverse.
Enter 5-digit number: 13569
Reversed: 96531

thankyou ;)

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Instead of flipping the number, save the number in reverse so it can be automatically printed in the reverse order.

//Here's a function that does the job.
//Parameter n is the number to be reversed.
//This function returns the reversed number.
//Actually this function can reverse any digit numbers.

int reverse(int n)
  int rev = 0; //this variable stores the reverse of n
  while(n > 0)
    rev = (rev * 10) + (n % 10);
    n /= 10;

  return rev;

By careful examination of the code it will be clear how it works.

try this one:

    int n,r;
    while(n!=0) {
    return 0;

I hope this one works.....

I hope this one works.....

If you test code before posting it, you wouldn't have to hope.

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