I'm doing a mini project of student management system.
i need to take the attendance of all the students and store it in sql server.
plz help me i need to submit my project on 25th of this month.
i am left out with only this form :(
or if have any form ready email me : abhishek.kp99@yahoo.in
plz help me it really urgent:(
thank you...

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sorry for that, no man do this for you. every body can support you but all thing you have to do. if you really want it then I think you will pay for this...................

Just paste what you've done so far and we will help you with the rest

i have collected all the students information from one form and the details will be saved in the student table i have done nothing for the attendance thing i have no idea what to do for this attendance form:(

On your form, create a list box, make it multi-select. Make a datetime picker above. Make a "Save" button.

On form load, fill the list box with student names from the database. When the datetime picker changes, check the database for student attendance rows. Selectively mark the listbox rows as "selected" or not depending on if the student attended that day. Let the user click the student names on and off until they are happy. Save the data to the database when they click the "Save" button.

That gives you a general idea of how that form should operate. From this narrative, you should be able to figure out how to write the code.

Best of luck!

i have done nothing for the attendance thing i have no idea what to do for this attendance form

You need to show some effort. You can get a picture of what an attendance sheet (on paper) looks like and try computerizing it. When you start something, the concept and idea would keep coming. Keep us posted if you need more help

Best Wishes

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