I am developing a project with wcf . I need to develop a wcf service that will take data from database. I should write it in WCF custom data provider. I can do it with wcf linq and webService with EF. But I can not understand the example of Custom data provider with WCF.http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee960143.aspx

Can anyone send me an easy example of wcf custom data provider.

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It doesn't seem like you need to create a Custom Data Provider.

What it sounds like you need is simply a method of having your WCF methods query a database and return some values, right?

If so, what is the database type?

Thank you for your answer thines01. My supervisor asked me to develop the same project with WCF-LINQ, WebService-EF and WCF-CUSTOM(for Generic data). I did first and second. But I did not totally understand the third one. But I know that I will not do a method that having my WCF methods.

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