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I have made a small application that creates an RSS feed from my Cafe Press store using the Cafe Press API.

As I am still in the developement stage I have currently created 2 feeds for testing purposes but I am struggling to understand what is going wrong with the feeds in Google Reader.

Below is the link to the first feed that I made, which at the time of posting this thread, has been live on Google Reader for 22 hours:


There are a total of 150 items on this feed but for some reason only 10 are showing as unread and these 10 have the checkbox allowing you to either make as read or remove the check to re-mark as unread.
The other 140 items do not have this checkbox.

After subscribing to this feed, I added it to my Google Homepage and still after 22 hours it still shows only 10 items.

This first feed does not include 'pubDate' on the items, as I do not really require this feature & it being optional.

Now below is the link to my second feed, basically identical to the first, although I have added 'pubDate' to the items on the thinking that Google Reader may be using this somehow when caching:


At the time of posting this thread, the above feed has been live for 1 hour.

Again, exactly as my first feed, Google Reader is only showing 10 itmes available, the other 140 are 'greyed out' and do not have the checkbox.

For the sake of comparison, I downloaded feedreader and loaded my feeds into it, straight away, all 150 items appear.

I thought I had better check a little further so I added my feeds to Thunderbird, yet again all 150 items appeared without a hitch.

Can anyone shed any light on why Google Reader is not responding as it should?

I need to figure this out pronto before I make my application live, as it would be extremely difficult trying to explain to people that the feeds work fine, just not in Google Reader.

Any help would be appreciated.



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