Hi everyone.....

Is it possible to integrate to my program the windows narrator??? I would like to add it to my program.... For example.... The program was launch and the logon window will show up and then the windows narrator will prompt the user by saying "Please log your account to continue"....

How could I integrate it to my system?? Can you show me how???

Thank you ;)

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Please read this.

I tried the example on your 'this' link. it causes an error. (line 2, character 8)
I use winxp, and copied the example 'as-is' using the 'all files' option, and named it 'welcome.vbs.

Either I have something missing or the script has an error in it.

here's the script -

Dim speaks, speech
speaks=”John, Welcome to your Computer“;
Set speech=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
speech.Speak speaks
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