I'm currently choosing which data structure to use for my data logging. Just want to ask for suggestion which type of data structure is better. It has limitation on memory either store in microcontroller RAM or SD card.

- I can't know the total type of logging it has. (for flexible and code extendable)
So probably will choose dynamic data structure - eg. i choose 2way link list
- But I have different type of logging which have different format to log.
So I think i will create many link lists for each type of logging
- To avoid stack overflow, so I need to clean up some data when needed.

Situation : I have to log info of student progress in a classroom everyday.

Condition :
First, number of students is flexible, maybe 10students/ 50students.
Second, size/length of progress is flexible, maybe a student have 10progress to log or 100progress to log.
Third, I have to check student current progress. So i check the tail of the link list for each student.

Problem : How do I link all link lists together, is it I has to has a node to point to another link list tree. And link lists itself has a internal 2way link lists?

So is it good to choose link list as the data structure?

You haven't provided sufficient details about the software requirements. What is "progress"? What information are you logging? How will the logs be used?

You mention limited memory, which suggests some form of mobile or embedded device, but the program allows multiple students? Am I correct in assuming that the program will be used by teachers/tutors?

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