Hi, I am learning Python, and I was just wondering whether Python can achieve everything PHP can. I don't know PHP, but I know it's a server side scripting language, and it is often embedded in HTML pages. Can Python be used in the same manner, i.e. embedded in HTML or dishing out scripts from the server like PHP on its own, or does it require external stuff like Django or CherryPy for that, or is it that it cannot replace PHP at all? Same question goes for Perl as well. Does Python allow you to do shell scripting (I don't know anything about it) and stuff like Perl, or it does not? I apologize if the questions sound dumb, but I really need to know!

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Yes you need CherryPy/webPy stuff to use Python in files or you can do Python script outputting Html statements, but then you would end up reinventing the wheel. For shell scripting I think IPython is quite interesting:

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