public class CarTester {
	public static void main (String[] args)
		Car myMysteryMachine = new Car (1000); // Car gets 1000 miles per gallon
		myMysteryMachine.addGas(20); // 20 gallons of gas are added to the tank
		myMysteryMachine.drive(100); // Driving the car 100 miles
		System.out.println(myMysteryMachine.getGasInTank()); // Method prints the remaining fuel

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its referring to the Car myMysteryMachine = new Car (1000); // Car gets 1000 miles per gallon


Have you declared a constructor Car(int) ?

When you get: "cannot find symbol" it is usually because you are using a method or class that doesn't exist.

Meaning that you either haven't imported the class or you are calling the method/constructor with the wrong arguments or return type, or you simply have misspelled the method/constructor.

Or just as the messages says that method/constructor (Car(int)) doesn't exists

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