i 've got a steganography project in java.......in that we can hide text within pictures and videos......but the major disadvantage is that the hidden data is been destroyed when the image or the video is further modifies with the hidden data............is it possible to do a steganography project in java ......in which as usual we hide the datas within images or videos and even if we modifies it, still we should get the hidden data .........Is it possible to do this?

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To me, it sounds possible; however, it depends on how you hide your data and how you retrieve it. Though, it is likely impossible to guarantee that a modified image would retain the exactly the same data you can retrieve from. The reason is that you cannot predict or assume how an image file is modified. It is an unknown factor that you have no control of...


I personally have no idea, but I Googled java steganography and got 612,000 hits. Looks like lots of info and code out there if you just look for it.


what you have said is right sir...........but all those stuffs goes to the same drawback i.e when datas are modified ,the hidden datas within it will get destroyed.......


As I state earlier, it is likely impossible. I need to be clearer then... OK, to create such a cryptographic data with persistent to modification, it depends on many factors. You have 2 kinds of factors - controllable and uncontrollable.

The controllable factors are the way you encrypt the data and decrypt it. You know where to hide and where to pick it up.

The uncontrollable factors are ways that someone may use to modify your data. If the data is modified and what is modified happens to be where your data is located, there is "no way" to get it back unless you "can predict" how the data is modified. This is where the "likely impossible" comes.

Think about it as you hide a letter you wrote in your bedroom's desk (your hidden data). An unknown then moves it without your knowledge (user modifies data). Now, how do you go about to retrieve it if you do not know who does it and how it is being removed and when?

Just my two cents...

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