just a simple question that has been driving me bonkers for a few hours, but I'm new to MFC and haven't encountered this until today

I've implemented serialization in my current project and set the modify flag appropriately... when I select "New" or "Exit" in my menu the program correctly asks me if I'd like to save if the document has been modified... However, when I click on "Open" it does not :(

do I need to override my OnFileOpen? or is there another flag i'm missing somewhere?

I can't post the code due to the length and tedium it would be for anyone to parse it, but if there are any general suggestions or places to look for the answer (the MSDN didn't help me) I'd greatly appreciate it


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look in the CDocument-derived class for your project -- it contains a skelletin of Serialize() function that you have to compilete (make it actually do something useful). This is where you read/write the data that you want saved to a file, database, socket connection, or anywhere you wish.

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