I have been working with the new Studio 2005. I am creating several apps, one with multiple documents and some others that are more dialog box type apps. I have done some MFC in studio 6 (C++) but I would like to understand when it is better to use MFC, Win Forms or ATL. I have tried to read up on these but I am still confused.

Also, C++/CLI is confusing. Is this just managed code that does garbage collecting? Is managed code better that unmanaged?

(opinions welcome)


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> MFC vs WIN forms - Which road to take?


> MFC vs WIN forms - Which road to take?


Then? Java? ;)

I prefer MFC only because I fairly well versed in it -- and because, like an old dog, its difficult to learn new tricks. But for younger people, learn about MFC only because there is a lot of code out there that you may encounter on-the-job. New projects would probably be better off with Forms or maybe C#.

Java?? only for web-based applications (and yes you will need to learn that too). Its too slow for normal desktop apps.

I am rewriting an older cad system unique to my industry. I won’t waist a lot of time explaining but it needs commercial speed and feel.

3 – Why neither, and what is the other choice?

AD - Is C# really an option for a commercial type program?

>>AD - Is C# really an option for a commercial type program?

Probably not for your program. If you are pretty speed-conscience then MFC may not be the best choice. Best speed would be achieved by writing pure win32 api program. MFC and Forms make windows programming considerable easier but at the cost of speed. Do you have a couple years or so to write a pure win32 program? If not then you might have to sacrafice speed for programming ease.

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Depends on how fast you want it?

Cad type programs are always going to be problematic when it comes to speed if you write them in languages such as c# or java.

Native win32 using OpenGL would be good for speed, but boy that would take forever...Seriously.

C# supports OpenGL technology, so it is quite feasible to write a commercial LOOKING app with nice 3d graphics. It won't have that speed like autoCad has, but then that was written entirely in C.

Ah decisions...

Yeah I would dedinately agree iamthwee neither for myself but...

If you do want to use C++ try looking at wxWidgets, they have a great API ( similar kind of thing to Java ) for creating cross platform dialogs.

For use with VS 2005 its really easy to setup as well!!


Take a lot


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