Hello !!

I am making a simple windows application.
In one of the forms, I have buttons with various names and datagrid that displays the table.
Now, what i would like to do is if I click on a button titled "softwares", i want only those elements from my table whose type is Software, to be populated in the datagridview.
Not only that, I also want to have it accompanied with a checkbox so that, i can get the total selections in the textbox above !!
I am trying vb.net for the first time. Tried searching everywhere but nothnig seems to be working out.
Please help me. Any kind of help would be appreciated.

Thank You again, in advance !!

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Can anybody please tell me what to include while displaying data in the grid at button click..

I mean, apart from query, do i need to include anything else ??

Why cant you load the types into combobox? and when selected index changed and selected item is "Software" get the data for Software or u can use dataview for this and rebind the grid..

Will try that next !!

Thanx anyways :)

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