Please have a look at the attached picture.
I am creating a Windows Form application in C#. I need to display the 'carry' string bit-by-bit with a considerable difference of appearing time.
For example:
if the carry string is 11011
I need to diplay it like-

*11//overwrite the above
011//overwrite the above. I have used Thread.Sleep() and timers, but then UI gets locked and the whole string is displayed once the "pause" is over.



before calling Thread.Sleep() HTH

The Thread.Sleep() will still lock the UI (you are telling it to sleep, after all). If you want things to happen on a schedule use a timer.

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Simple piece of code to make 5 second delay:

for (DateTime sec = DateTime.Now;  DateTime.Now < sec+ new TimeSpan(0,0,5); )

I would suggest you to use a loop and overwrite the text box for a 1 sec delay...
texbox += textbox + string;
may be u can use a timer like momerath said..