Hi. I tried to install vb6 on my friend's laptop. It was installed but when I double click the control on a form to write a code, it has stopped working. It says, "VB6 has stopped working". It was installed but I cannot put a code in it.

Here are the specifications:
-it is 64-bit
-OS is windows 7
-with core i5

I am wondering if these matter with the said error/problem..
I have searched over the internet but I can't find solution to this problem.
I have used the same vb6 installer on some 64-bit computers with windows 7 and it worked fine.

Anyone knows how to fix this or have some tips to fix this? Any response would be gladly appreciated. :)

A quick search on "install vb6 on windows7" will get you a set of instructions to get that installation to work, some suggest you need to turn off UAC during the installation to get some of the files installed in system folders correctly, can't remember the other complications. I may have some info at work still, but I use VB6 a lot on my Win7 64bit system.

Once installed, you need to run VB6 in XP compatability mode - you need to disable Visual Themes and Desktop Composition options, to get the IDE to display properly.

Also, you may want to search for "scroll wheel fix for vb6" to get an add-on which makes the IDE respond to the mouse wheel, its horrid without it.

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