I have accepted an internship that involves re-writing a project written in "Clipper Summer of '87" in C#, and basically it's missing a couple source code files and I have no idea how to work with the database files it uses.

I do know it uses something called "dBase III" whatever outdated tech. that might be...

Basically I'm totally stumped on how to work with the existing files, I intend to re-create the functionality of it by having the people using it (a small business in this case) critique the UI design proposals I will be coding in C#.

The problem is it's just such an outdated monstrosity, being a somewhat young college student, I have no idea how to work with it.

Should I alter my approach to this problem? I'm sort of out of ideas, aside form the UI re-write (the original is console based) and then looking through the available code to figure out what it does.

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Dear Student

Clipper Summer 87 is a compiler which was used (even now we can use it) to compile the DOS based code written in dBASE language.

Your attempt to re-write an existing application in C# is appreciable.

Please follow the following steps to get aquainted with the good old DOS based dBASE

1.You say that some of the source code files are not available

To overcome this problem please have interaction with the end users who are
using the software. Study the output (hard copies) they are getting. This will
give a bird's eye view of the work that is being done by the software.

2.Now you start with system analysis.

Know from them their requirements.
Decide what datafiles (tables) you have to design.
The required fields in the table.
What data is input and what should be the output.

3.If you have access to the tables that are used please study the structure of
the tables. For this, if they must have dBASE in their system, you can view the
structure of each table from the DOT PROMPT. If this can be done nearly half
of your problem is over, since you will have first hand information regarding
the tables that hold the data.

4.Now you will have to decide on what BACKEND you propose to use for data storage
For this you have to go through the suitable backend for the purpose. If you
propose to use the datafiles (tables) that are existing in their system you will
have to study the structure invariably which can be done if answer to para 3.
is 'yes'.

5.If you happen to get to the source code, you will have no problem at all because
dBASE code is understandalbe even by non-programmers.

Once you have done what is said above, I feel you should be at ease to start the

If you want to have any clarification with regard to dBASE (DOS version) you can
feel free to contact me. I have well over 10 years of experience in coding in DOS
based dBASE and have done a sizable project in it which is being used even today,
which creates WEB deployable reports in pure text format.

I wish you all the best and success in your endeavour

[email removed]


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