hi . im making a vb 6 written project. were required to create a game. but the problem is i dont have any idea on what game to create. i want it to be as simple and as easy as possible. enough to give me an adequate rating. can anyone help me come up with a game? source codes would be very much appreciated :))

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ours is not a free coding service.

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ours is not a free coding service.


Why don't you try a WORD GAME
like Word Factory.

Just need to create a pre-set
word combinations and answer.

Compute the score and create a
game level like:


Try to search for the
game mechanics of Word Factory
on Google.

Or you could do a guessing game like "Higher/Lower". Randomly generate a number, then have the player input a number. Game responds with "higher" or "lower" until the player inputs the correct number.

Or, if that's too simplistic, how about "Battleship"? Only put a 3d twist on it...

Or, if you want a REAL challenge, how about TicTacToe? It sounds simple, but is actually quite challenging to get the logic right.

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