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Hows it going? In my program I want it to download certain messages, open them, find the HTML link, and at the moment want it to display it in a listBox. I am using the dll OpenPop for this. So far thats not happening and the only thing thats appearing in my listbox is text saying something like: "OpenPop.Mime.Header".

Heres my code:

///Start POP3 connection
 Pop3Client client = new Pop3Client();

//Login to email
            client.Connect("", 995, true);
            client.Authenticate("USER", "PASS");
            label18.Text = client.GetMessageCount().ToString();
            int messageCount = client.GetMessageCount();

            for (int i = 1; i <= messageCount; i++)
                // Download the header and check if the message is interesting
                // enough to download if with body
                MessageHeader header = client.GetMessageHeaders(i);
                if ("Wordpress".Contains(header.Subject))
                    // The message is interesting - download it
                    OpenPop.Mime.Message message = client.GetMessage(i);

                    // Find the first part containing HTML
                    // null is returned if such part is not found
                    MessagePart html = message.FindFirstHtmlVersion();
                    if (html != null)
                        String htmlContained = html.GetBodyAsText();
                        // Do something with the html
                        // here showing it in a listbox
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