dennis richie made c language with only 32 keywords all the functions and statements are to be created by the programer. if so wher is the source code of "printf" "scanf" "cin" "cout" ?

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They're found in the source code of a language implementation. That is, Borland C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++, Dev-C++, gnu, etc. (And the implementation of the C or C++ language may itself not be in C or C++.)

What you get when you use C or C++ is a defined interface that will make available to you a function printf that will behave in a well-defined manner. Whether the actual source of printf is written in C or assembly or Pascal or whatever is not supposed to matter.

hi all,
can any one help yar its very urgent ............

where is the code for printf and scanf fucntions...

how they will work

Maybe this will help you understand.
Don't be afraid next time of creating a new thread when you want to ask something. People frown upon old threads that get bumped to a current active state.

Why not run your code via the debugger and when you get to the printf function step into the function. If on your machine your compiler has the full source code for the libraries (i.e. Win SDK), then you should find the code.


Hi all! I' m new in prgramming and i need the source code of scanf(). Is anybody who knows where can I find the code?

I can easily see this thread being kept alive for four more years with "me too!" posts, so I'm closing it.

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