i really need a GOOD socket tutorial, i've followed some of them from google but they aren't complete, i know that socket programming is forked into many categories, basically i am interested blocking & non blocking sockets, synchronous & asynchronous sockets(used with select() and FD_ISSET macro etc)

PS: i know the pattern on how socket works but i can't seem to get it programmed wright, i tried 3 times to make a direct client-server model app(just connection, not exchange of data) and it didn't turn out so well..

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All I can tell you is, get a good book on the subject.

Here's a website, check some of the titles.


especially - Internetworking With TCP/IP Volume III: Client-Server Programming and Applications, Linux/POSIX Socket Version (with D. Stevens)

i am planing to learn sockets, threads, maybe some librarys for interfaces
if i have to read a book for every of this it'll take me years to learn.. i need something more quick

i really need a GOOD socket tutorial

The #1 recommended tutorial is Beej's guide.

thx for the tutorial.

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