Hello guyz,

First of all, sorry for starting new thread with similar topic but I read each and still can't figure out how to do it.

I'm having a database, using GridView I retrieve the data into my WEB application.
Then I set the rows to editable (not sure if it is fully completed) and when I edit some cells I want to update the GridView AND the database behind.
When I click on 'edit' then the button is changed to update. I get some unhandled exception. I don't expect anything else since I didn't put any code in the update methods like RowCommand, RowUpdating, RowUpdated, RowDataBound. I'm really confused what goes there and what exactly do I need.

Please help if you can
Would be grateful.


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Which language are you using???
and which database are you using???

Oh sorry I forgot the most important :)
It's C#, ASP.NET (with Microsoft Visual Studio)
and the database is MySQL

Oh damn I thought I posted there..

Thanks dude

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