I really need help with my assignment for java. Please give me a little push start with this assignment. I am really bad with getting the concept of the arrays. Please give me the starting part for a couple of classes and the driver class. Once i get started i am sure i can figure it out.

Please check this assignment file and I would appreciate whatever help you guys give me.

I tried to start this but i am not sure if i need to use arrays in the classes and how to use them.

Vehicule class:

package Package1;

public class Vehicule {
	String fuelT;
	double consum;
	int price;
	public Vehicule ()
		fuelT = "";
		consum = 0.0;
		price = 0;
	public Vehicule(String f, double c, int p)
		this.fuelT = f;
		this.consum = c;
		this.price = p;


Car class:

package Package2;

import Package1.Vehicule;

public class Car extends Vehicule {
	private String carBrand;
	private String carMake;
	private int year;
	public Car()
		carBrand = "";
		carMake = "";
		year = 0;
	public Car(String b, String m, int y, String f, double c, int p)
		this.carBrand = b;
		this.carMake = m;
		this.year = y;