I have the code

import sound

def rem_vocals(snd):
    '''Return a copy of the original sound with vocals removed. The original sound is unmodified. The number of samples in the copied sound is the same as the original file.'''
    for samp in new_song:
        Left=sound.set_left(samp, int (result))
        Right=sound.set_right(samp, int (result))
    return new_song

if __name__ == '__main__':

Question: How do I play the copy of my sound. sound.play(song) plays the original song, not the modified one. I then tried sound.play(new_song) which invokes an error. So what do I put inside the () to play the modified song? Thanks.

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I don't mean that. I already called the function. I mean how do I play the copied song using the sound.play function?

Should be like pyTony says call sound.play(rem_vocals(sound)) because your rem_vocals function is returning the new__song. But are you sure your error is not from import sound. I don't see any module that exists with that name unless you have made it yourself.

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Ok, thanks for the clarifying! sound.play(rem_vocals(song)) works! I thought pyTony meant to call the function! No, I did not create the sound module. If you go to python 2.7 and key in import sound and then dir(sound) in the python shell, you will see a huge list of info.

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