I am new to Visual Basic 6.0 and need help with the DataGrid control.

I am trying to:
1. Have data in one of the grid column's that is in "lower case" forced to "upper case"
I have tried using the Before Update event, but cannot get it to work.
2. Have column validate data. Only allow for example an "A" or "C" as valid values for a column.
3. Put in "tips" on top of each column to display information about the column itself.

I have searched the web and looked in 3 book stores and cannot find books with Datagrid examples for what I need.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Actually, The second and third link refers to the .NET platform, which would be vb.net. This particular forum is for Legacy Versions of VB (Mostly VB6). He also says that he's new to Visual Basic 6, and so the syntax in .NET would be of no help to him. But Thumbs up on the references.

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