I just started learning C++
let's say i have 2 classes classes A and B

Class A = a1(a,b)

I want an instance of class B attributes to be like this where a1 is an instance of class A:
Class B = b1(x,y,a1,z)

how do i go about doing this?
does anyone has any examples for me?

This is one of the most basic examples I can come up with that includes exactly what you asked.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class ClassA
	int a, b;

	ClassA(){}; //need a default constructor
	ClassA(int _a, int _b)
		a = _a;
		b = _b;

class ClassB
	int x, y, z;
	ClassA a1;

	ClassB(){}; //not needed in this but should have one
	ClassB(int _x, int _y, ClassA _a1, int _z)
		x = _x;
		y = _y;
		a1 = _a1;
		z = _z;

int main()
	ClassA A(1, 2);
	ClassB B(4, 5, A, 6);

	return 0;
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