Can someone help me with TASM? i need a simple shape like sun or anything that is not very basic but hard to do. please i need help. this is one of my gf's finals project requirement :(( please i really need help in this. (i dont know much about tasm and assembly at this time as i am just a first year college I.T student) and my gf is 2nd year I.T student. please help. i really need just one. :(( thanksss!

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she needs a simple shape made out of assembly language. idk what it is, ive tried studying it but i dont get it :(

What makes you think a half-assed solution by someone with no knowledge or experience on the subject will be acceptable in the first place?

Hmm tell her to use this techniques, i think it is just a combination of cursor position and character display :) refer to the ascii table for her to see what symbol she can use to make that shape.
Trial and error method x]

she gave me a handout about it but i dont understand it. but she did said on her txt that its about drawing shapes in assembly?? idk this stuff. sir i need help her deadline is on Oct 13 pleasee sir i really need a helping hand on this. even a simple apple like round shape would do. please... im hoping for some help :((

Why are you doing her work for her? That's terribly cruel.

LOL, you already have the handouts in making shapes. I think that is somehow a little bit easy. why? because you already have the hints on how to make it x] just study how each line of codes work

all thats here is screen processing, macros arithmetic instructions. i dont see anything related to shapes. @.@ sorry if im dumb. but i really can refuse the offer. :( theres no one else she knows but me. (bot f* im dumber than her) pleasee help :(

assembly is just too high for my understanding. at first i thought it was easy so i said yes. i thought it was just some java .awt look i made effort with this but later found out that i wasnt doing anything good. its because theres no shape thingy on the handout. :(( thats the thread

thanks! although hirap talagang intindihin nto. T-T

*thanks! although its very hard for me to understands this.*

is it me or its really the same as the .awt thingy? only that you have to run it in a different way??

*and how do i give this stuff a color?*

.STACK 200h
x dw 1
y dw 0
color equ 1
l dw 100
xor AH,AH
mov AL,13h ;set screen mode
int 10h
mov DI,0a000h ;prepare vga segment
mov ES,DI
xor DI,DI
mov AX,320 ;pixel set
mul [y]
mov DI,AX
add DI,[x]
mov CX,[l] ;vertical line
add DI,319
loop yloop
mov AX,0 ;wait for keypress
int 16h
mov AX,3h ;end prog
int 10h
mov AX,4c00h
int 21h
End Start

ok first is first, how do i run this?

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