I want to do a project on Java. But I do not have any idea net based application in Java. I mainly want to do an application like messenger in Java.
I had done a GUI application in Java using My SQL database server.
But now how can I start my new project? Please give me some ideas.

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A messenger?

Ok. First decide on the architecture. Draw models of how your Server and clients will interact. List out functions of Server and that of the clients.

Then Start designing the classes. Then code them.

You need some network programming skills for this. So learn it and btw its pretty easy so dont worry about it.

Id recommend u start of with a simple client-server chat app. then proceed from it. That would allow u to understand the working of Java NET and also the stumbling blocks that u may face later. Good luck!


I understood your post. But I do not have any advisor. so I do not understand how to start it. Please say what I have to read to build this project.
Please reply.

Ok I will read this.

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