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How do you convert data in data report to the formats mentioned by you ?

Any other choices in VB?


That did not answer my question.

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need to convert the datareports to PDF format and send it to mail all this in vb...

Karthik, being on 154 posts, you should know to give us much more information as you did. What exactly do you need?


Actually I have a data report of invoice. At present the invoice is taken as print out from that report and send that hard copy to the clients by post. But i need to send that invoice in mail. Any possibilities for that?


Same question as asked by Kartik +
Can anyone help me here :)
how do i get converted my vb datareports in pdf format and send to client email .
as am using the database as msaccess.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    ' Create a simple PDF file using the mjwPDF class
    Dim objPDF As New mjwPDF

    ' Set the PDF title and filename
    objPDF.PDFTitle = "Test PDF Document"
    objPDF.PDFFileName = App.Path & "\myreport.pdf"

    ' We must tell the class where the PDF fonts are located
    objPDF.PDFLoadAfm = App.Path & "\Fonts"

    ' View the PDF file after we create it
    objPDF.PDFView = True

    ' Begin our PDF document
        ' Set the font name, size, and style
        objPDF.PDFSetFont FONT_ARIAL, 15, FONT_BOLD

        ' Set the text color
        objPDF.PDFSetTextColor = vbBlue

        ' Set the text we want to print
        objPDF.PDFTextOut ***"Quotation Manager Report"***

    ' End our PDF document (this will save it to the filename)
End Sub

this is the above code i got but it just the working string to write in pdf and save but merely i want the whole bucket to get the datareports converted in pdf format to send through email

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For all those options you need to use a better reporting tool. Atleast earlier versions of Crystal Report.

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