How do you convert data in data report to the formats mentioned by you ?

Any other choices in VB?

Karthik, being on 154 posts, you should know to give us much more information as you did. What exactly do you need?

Actually I have a data report of invoice. At present the invoice is taken as print out from that report and send that hard copy to the clients by post. But i need to send that invoice in mail. Any possibilities for that?

Same question as asked by Kartik +
Can anyone help me here :)
how do i get converted my vb datareports in pdf format and send to client email .
as am using the database as msaccess.

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    ' Create a simple PDF file using the mjwPDF class
    Dim objPDF As New mjwPDF

    ' Set the PDF title and filename
    objPDF.PDFTitle = "Test PDF Document"
    objPDF.PDFFileName = App.Path & "\myreport.pdf"

    ' We must tell the class where the PDF fonts are located
    objPDF.PDFLoadAfm = App.Path & "\Fonts"

    ' View the PDF file after we create it
    objPDF.PDFView = True

    ' Begin our PDF document
        ' Set the font name, size, and style
        objPDF.PDFSetFont FONT_ARIAL, 15, FONT_BOLD

        ' Set the text color
        objPDF.PDFSetTextColor = vbBlue

        ' Set the text we want to print
        objPDF.PDFTextOut ***"Quotation Manager Report"***

    ' End our PDF document (this will save it to the filename)
End Sub

this is the above code i got but it just the working string to write in pdf and save but merely i want the whole bucket to get the datareports converted in pdf format to send through email

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For all those options you need to use a better reporting tool. Atleast earlier versions of Crystal Report.

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