What is the fastest way to learn C#??

I need to clean out some source code with bugs... Help needed urgently! Thanx.

Try to read a book, or more of them. Amazon.com is a great place to start with.great place to start with.
And while reading and going through example code, do your own examples in VS.

Thanx Mitja Bonca.. advice taken!

Books are definately not the fastest way to learn a programming language (unless you read extremely fast). I have a 700 page C++ book that only teaches up to polymorphism. You need 2 more 700+ page books to learn STL, templates, windows api, etc. Are you familiar with any other language? If so, then all you will need to learn is .Net and syntactical differences.

Thanx skatamatic ..wil make use of the advice!

I learned programming with youtube.
I think that it is the fastest way.

superjj.. Thanx alot for the advice!