I have a text box that is written in it a sentence like that for example ( vsdgv hsch hjscbfhs bsh hgfg shjgfug hfudgf )
& I have a list box
what i want is that once I press the command button, the sentence get splited into its words in the list
could you help me please ? :)

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& I hope to make it by using
instr() , mid() , right() , and left()
because I use visual basic 6

I made a program that can just split 3 words & put every word in a separate label
i used that code :
Private Sub Command1_Click()
i = InStr(1, Text1.Text, " ")
y = InStr(i + 1, Text1.Text, " ")
Label1.Caption = Left(Text1.Text, i - 1)
Label2.Caption = Mid(Text1.Text, i + 1, y - (i + 1))
Label3.Caption = Right(Text1.Text, Len(Text1.Text) - y)
End Sub

please could you help me to split a string of words ??

Oh yeah. Please don't hijack other threads,

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