This is a loong story, if you are a student in high school, you might have the idea what "FBLA" is. Let me just state my questions: ( Keep that in mind, i learn for almost half an year, dont know how to do the data base yet)
So i am competing in Programming stuff, or they called it Desktop Application Programming. I need to do this because 1. I am interested in this. 2. Go to a good college. 3. I might go to State Competition of National Competition(held in Texas. I live in GA). ( I DONT WANT YOU TO MAKE THIS FOR ME, I JUST NEED SUGGESTIONS AND SAMPLE(S))
Your school has a lending library with resources to assist students with preparing for student organization competitive events and career related projects. You have been contacted to created an application that keeps track of the items in the lending library. Types of items in the library include, but are not limited to, books, magazines, DVDs, and CDs. For this program, you will create four comma separated data files as described below. You must save your data ffiles as tesxt (.txt) files. You will need to choose appropriate data types to store and manipulate your data whiles running the program.
AND SO ON, THE OTHER PART ARE REQUIREMENTS, ABOUT 22 OF THEM, i can type it, but i want to see if someone is willing to help me out.
thanks for your time!

If anyone is interesting in helpingg me, i will ask 2 questions and show u all the details ( requirement of this program)

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We are always willing to help. The instruction given to you has already clearly stated that you should store all data in a text file so you wont be needing a DBMS

Yes, i know that, how would i do that? Give me a sample in VB

how to create 4 commas to separte those data files? I dont understand by using commas.

thanks for the link, it resolved one of the problem.

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