I'm trying to use cx_Freeze and everything everything seems like it should work fine, however I'm getting an import error for import tkinter

from tkinter import __fix
ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

This only happens when I take the the contents "all of it" out of the C:/Python32/Scripts/distany directory, inside there it works fine. any insight?

EDIT: it appears this issue is resolved, however is there a way to make the program easier to access for the user when I make a zip of it and its dependencies, since there are so many?

is there a way to make cx_freeze utilize the no console property of .pyw files?

found the solution. On Windows vista in the command prompt enter:

C:/Python32/Scripts cxfreeze --base-name=Win32GUI theapplication.py

where theapplication.py is the name of your file

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