well it sounds simpler than OpenGL... I want to use DOS style graphics in my prog (look at SC2000) no need for animation or interactivity or PostPicture(). So the queston is what header/librays do I need and how do i use it? Google just brought up stuff on makeing your prog look dosy (like fullscreen)?Ok First poster gets a taco.

Not sure I fully understand, but for windows based DOS console style you can take a look at Win32 Console Applications.

Well it's
More then the average tutorial bet not for graphics. Like in a ton of old games (eg maxis's older half of the sim line) had graphics but where a dos program. How do I do graphics In dos?0

you might find some stff here. Those old games you mentioned probably won't run on Vista or Windows 7 without also running DosBox

You could simulate those kind of graphics with a 2D graphics library like SDL and some code to make it low resolution and low saturation.

I'm not really tryin to make it look bad I just want to use a picture in my prog but don't want to use PostPicture() or any Winprogramin as they both give my computer grief. Also to use it in a 16bit compiler if nessecery.

Download Turbo C or Turbo C++, both are good 16-bit compilers with large graphics libraries.

Ohh now I see why people want to sue saffari for even existing it crashed on me just as I pressed the post reply button. Well run through: I own turbo cpp syntax irritates me; use open watcom instead, want to make friends with science teacher (allready friends just want to do this as it started forever ago and need to finish it) so I need all the warning symbOls in a Picture to sho because Open gl is confusing and postpicture give me errors so this seemed like the next easiest thing. PS does post picture oPen ms paint or show it in the console app?
Also first reply was amazing already starting to use it in apps that don't need much detail it awesome how did I now know about it your taco is in the next post

How about a muffin instead?

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