Hi everyone,
can anyone tell me what is an alternate of graphics.h in visual studio/visualc++. Graphics.h is not working on my turbo c complier.plz tell me..

What are you trying to do?

For basic 2D drawings, there are a few options that I can think of. First, if you don't need to have much of a Graphical User Interface, Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is quite easy to use and allows you to draw simple shapes (circles, lines, rectangles, text, etc.). Second, if you want to make it part of a GUI, you can use Qt, which has a QCanvas component that can draw 2D shapes and other stuff like that. I'm sure that MFC and wxWidget, two other GUI tools, also have similar components. All of the above can support a OpenGL or DirectX window, if you need 3D or better 2D drawing capabilities. There are also plenty of domain-specific visualization libraries that I'm not familiar with.

@daviddoria. i just want to use simple graphics like in turbo c e.g draw line,circle,rectangle etc... turbo c graphics.h is not working on my pc for whatever reason...and there is no directory in vc to include graphics like headerfile.in robert lafore book i have read that include msoftcon in your project is an alternate of graphics.h...but how can i include this header file i dont know ....kindly brief me if you have any information like this....or tell me how can i include msoftcon.h in visual studio 2005...thanks

mike@ i need simple graphics like draw lines etc...can u tell me the way or mechanism to use SDL.

To get something with similar function names and parameters try http://codecutter.org/tools/winbgim/. It's terribly outdated and you'd probably have to rebuild it with VC++ (I haven't used it with either compiler so I don't know).

Otherwise, David's and Mike's solutions are probably one of your better options.

If you search around in these forums, you might find some patch fixes to get it to work under your current environment, else downgrade your OS.

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