Hello, I am using Delphi2010 and TOracleDataSet to access tables in Oracle. My question is how do I insert rows to multiple tables? I was told to use the AppendRecord method. Here is an example:

Example of value statements (this has been shortened obviously):
Suffix := trim(edSuffx.text);
Salutn := trim(edDear.text);

Example of AppendRecord:

Example of the next table:
RepState := Trim(edRepState.text);
RepZip := Trim(edRepZip.text);


Now........there are two other tables also. These all work and all four tables are inserted like they should be but I am leary of what could happen. I think there should be some kind of code in between appending information to the four tables. For example, the unique key for all four tables is a casnumber. What if 2 tables insert just fine and then an error occurs inserting values in the third table and then I have 2 tables with rows and 2 tables without? Matching casenumbers will exist in the 2 that inserted rows but not the other two.

Please help and thanks in advance!

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Data should be only one table according to principle of relational database and other tables should reference that table.

Hi and thanks for responding!

Do you mean as far as a master/detail relationship?

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