i am having attachments
you can see the image when ever i move to mouse on Forms to Buttons so buttons shape is changed but its not clicked on form when you click the button from mouse so its not clicked it can cliked with only keyboard what its occur
enent parent windows is also just like that but its working perfect i check all the properties of parent windows these are all equal to child windows so Please Help me what it occurs

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For some strange reason I can't understand what you are trying to do or what seems to be the problem. I only figured out that you've verified all properties with the ones in the parent window, which does what you want to do.
Can you please try to explain a bit better what you are trying to do and what seems to be the problem?

Lets Supose,
I have two windows , First One is Parent Window(Where ADD,Capture,Void Adjust Buttons) and second is Child Windows(Where Process Button and Cancel Button),

The Problem is When i am working in Parent Windows With Mouse so its Working Correctly its also click and move windows anywhere with mouse

When Same Working Done With Child Windows so its not working(Suppose i want to click the Process Buttons so We Can'T this,Process Buttons Mouse over Perform But Click not Performed)

Even i am checked all the properties of Parent windows is Equal to Child Windows
so may you have this solution

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