I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I can't get the text searched for. If anyone can explain them, refer me to an article, or give me the correct search query I would appreciate it.


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_T is a macro that converts a quoted string leteral to wide character, such as wchar_t something[] = _T("Hello World"); Never heard of _RT macro, and its not defined in tchar.h, where _T is declared.

Thank you for the reply. It turns out that the _RT macro is #define'd in our code. I don't see any use for it, as it only says,

#define _RT(str) _T(str)

Weird and redundant, isn't it?

>>Weird and redundant, isn't it?

For now yes, but if you guys decide to not use "_T" then you can simply change the macro definition instead of changing the code a whole lot for accommodate the new type.

Interestingly, no one seems to remember why this was done in the first place. They suspect there was some reason they wanted a different macro, but after they failed to make it work they decided to do as you say, namely change the macro definition to the normal _T() instead of undoing the new format type in hundreds of places throughout the code.

Thanks for your help, guys.

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