I'm trying to do disk reads and writes when programming in C++ in the win32 console mode.
I can create the file on disk using CreateFile(), but I can't figure out how to read or write to that file. I used the ReadFile() and WriteFile() functions but I just get an access violation error ("program encountered an error and needs to close" thing).

So, now that I have created the file on disk, how do I read or write to it in console mode?

Sorry guys, I figured this out myself. I need to use the fstream class to do this. Funny how before I posted this question I couldn't seem to find the answer, through MSDN and other sources. But as soon as I post the question, it seems so clar now! LOL

Anyway, I may post an answer to this own question of mine later for someones else's benefit, or someone here can do that and maybe give me even more insight.

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