i created a game program using vb6 and i finish it already my problem is how can i make this program ready to install in or become installer.

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Using Package and deployment on your visual studio tools.

i created a game program using vb6 and i finish it already my problem is how can i make this program ready to install in or become installer.

follow the following steps to create the installer for ur project. but before trying this make sure that u have created the executable(.exe) for ur project. hope u know how to create that.

1.close ms vb6.0 ide
2.click start>-programs->microsoft visual studio 6.0->microsoft visual studio 6.0 tools->package and deployment wizard
3.click browse to locate ur project file(.vbp)
4.click package
5.click yes to start the recompilation process
6.in package type select standard setup package and click next
7.select the destination where u want to create the package folder for ur project.this folder will contain all the supported and main application files required to install ur apps in some other client machine.
8.click yes to create the folder if it doesn't exist and click next
9.the next list that will come will display all necessary files to build the setup.click add to insert some other files from ur project to the said list.if u any access database file,click this button,locate ur db file and click open to add the file to the list.this list will also help u to remove any unnecessary files that u donot wish to install in the target machine with apps.u can also add help files(if any) for project from this option.but do not ever try to remove the .dll,.ocx,.lib or .exe files.click next
10.if u want ur setup becomes a standalone package select single cab otherwise if u want part installer then select multiple cab.if u select the 2nd option u have mention the size of the floppy disks.then the wizard will ask u insert the floppies one after another.i will recommend u not to use this option.click next
(if u see any shared files box or dependency information box just skip that)
11.insert a title for the installer and click next
12.in the next screen adjust the menu apperance the setup will create for u.this will become the startmenu shortcuts for ur apps.
13.click next->click next
14.in the script name box u do not require to enter anything but do not erase the default text.
15.click finish to build the installer.
16.click close->click close

after the installer is created just goto the package folder and there u will find a file "setup.exe".double click that to run the installer.

hope u will grab this.

Otherwise, use third party software like Installshield for this kind of stuff.

you can also use Setup Factory or Inno Setup to make installer for your projects.

Of them Inno Setup is a freeware.

Hi Shouvik?
Thanks for the elaborate post, it sorted me out almost completly, this must have been the lukiest day of my life. I followed your guidelines and packaged an excutable file. It runs on many machines with windows xp professional, BUT when i run the setup file on a machine loaded with windows xp sp2, after the first INSTALL windows appears, the next thing is an error message saying: AN error occurred and this program needs to close, we are sorry for inconviniences caused and an option to debug;send feedback and don't send. what is this supposed to mean? Will my app run on a machine running windows xp sp2?

hello depash, though i didn't suppose to get any more replies on this post but i'm glad to see that u have been benefited from my answer.

well the problem you posted here is a common issue. even i have also encountered it for a long no. of times. in this situation don't blame ur installer. there is no wrong thing or error in it. u need to re-install your windows xp sp2 os then u can retry the installer coz as long from my knowledge this is a system issue and it comes from ur os itself.

one more thing u may also notice that ur installer will ask u to restart the machine so that it can replace existing setup files with newer versions that already present in SP2. so, don't worry. ofcourse ur application will run on SP2. i have made a couple of my projects in Xp pro and installed them in Sp2 and them all gone fine.

so, what i recommended u is to format ur partition and re-install the windows. after it retry to install ur apps. i hope it will run then without a single piece of junk.

ok....lets try it and get back to me whenver u receive any more nuts.

till then...bye n GOOD LUCK...


Do you really experience the errors while making the installer ?

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