hi all ,
I develpoed java application i java swingss, I need tocreate two versions linced version and trail version,
Trail version should experied in 20 days,once user gives the serieal key the application shold work , where shold I store registration key, How could I protect my application could any one help me

Thanks in advance

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well, you should keep it in a database which you have control over, and the users can't access, otherwise you would need to have the key hardcoded on the client pc, so they could easily find it by reading through the files or decompiling the code.

also, you should keep record of when the user started to use the application. the most secure way would be: again, your database. otherwise the user can either change that date on their machine, also, you would have to do the verification against the server time, otherwise all the user would have to do is setting back the time on their machine. so either way, for a decent solution, your users would have to have internet access.

thanks for your reply stultuske,
Store those key in registry is advisable

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