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I'm setting up a simple webpage, and I need to have a seat-reservation system.

I envision a site with many square boxes that is displaying seat number, and the color green or red if the seat is free or reserved. When users click on a red box, it comes a popup-windows where they can see what user that have reserved it. If they click on a green box they can choose to reserve the seat.(And maby get a verification on email). The order of the boxes doesn' matter. It's totally 100 seats.

I'm using Microsoft WebMatrix, so I use the login features from the templates there.
I don't know any C#, I wondered if anyone got a tutorial or so to make this? I've seen some threads about this, but most of them have been for more advanced ticket-reservation-systems, and others just had some random code without any explanation.

I was thinking of something like this:

Feature uses two of the databases.The UserDB(default database when users register to the site) and the SeatDB.
The UserDB is used to display user information on the reserved seats; who
the seat is reserved to. All users have a unique ID in this DB, and when a user reserve a
seat, this is getting printed to the SeatDB, so it can be used to lookup user information.

The SeatDB has three columns. One for seatNumber, one for seatID and one for userID.

The seatID have two values

false = empty
true = reserved

if the value is true, then in the userID it displays the unique ID for the
user that have reserved the seat.

C# script feature:
if value = true
-define in css the color red
-name it reserved
-on-click popup window lookup user ID in UserDB and display name
for the user reserved

-define in css the color green
-name it free
-on-click popup window, ask for verify the seat, if yes set value
in seatDB to true and send e-mail for verification.

Is this understandable, or possible to do?


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