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I'm a Visual Basic novice and have written a very simple GUI which I want to use to run a c++ program. I'm wondering how I would write the button click event to call the C++ program? I assume there's probably a simple way to do this but my searches have been unsuccessful.

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Dim lngReturn As Long
lngReturn = Shell("c:\MyProgams\cfile.exe", vbNormalFocus)

Thanks hkdani, problem solved

Hi, I am new to windows forms.
I used the 2 lines of code above to launch a c++ code from a windows forms GUI and it worked. Thanks a lot!!

I hope you can help me with the issue below:
My interface includes some text boxes. The user enters some numbers in these text boxes and I want to pass and use these parameters in the c++ code
Any idea how to do it?

Thanks !!

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