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How can i write a program using Java to find the exact slope of a point on a parabola. I am asking how to write a program to find the slope of the tangent line on any point of the parabola. The slope of the tangent line when it makes contact with the parabola on any given point.I am thinking about using a for loop or a while loop method in order to find the slope on any given point.


Find the MATH to calculate the slope of a point on a parabola.
(I'm sure that Google or Wikipeda can tell you that.)
Then, code the math using Java.


Yeah I +1 that.
If you always use the same function, you can use another function as a derivative (I hope you know what that is).
If you always use different functions, make a function that takes input from a string (the formulae), and calculated the derivative, and the tangent at a given point.
To calculate a derivative, you need your program to be able to recognise certain types of functions. Make sure you test a lot!

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