i am a computer science student.i have no interest on assembly.just doing it for my course.
so can anybody suggest me any good assembly compiler?
in my university lab they use Masm.
but it is too old and do not show in which line error is and no auto code compilation.
otherwise it seems ok.

i need a simple one like c++'s codeblock or dev-c.
i have tried avr studio3 and winAvr.
but they are more advance for me.

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There is no such thing as an "assembly compiler". Assembly programs are not compiled. They are just assembled. Two good assemblers for MS-Windows os -- MASM (a Microsoft assembler) and TASM (a Borland assembler)

When you write assembly you are expected to "know your stuff" and not be spoon fed. You should already know how to program and not be intimidated by the complexity of an assembler.

>>but it is too old and do not show in which line error is and no auto code compilation.
You are too spoiled by Code::Blocks.


Ah, the Assembler Newbie mantra: I Need, I want, Give me the code! :)

Auto-Completion is NOT an Assembler feature but an IDE feature, since you are using MASM, look for RadASM or WinASM both are good free IDE's for MASM

When you Assemble with MASM it WILL show you the line of the code error but NOT the error in your running program, for that you have to learn to use a debugger.

Since you state you have no interest in Assembly, just for your class, may I suggest you take a different class because you won't get anywhere.

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