Who will spend little time to Create a guide about

HWND hw = CreateWindowEx( params )

in C/C++

That i want is a guide were you will have examples for all controls (Ritchtb, tb, button, tree, nodes, Listview, contextmenu, toolstrip menu, label... etc)

PS: as i know CreateWindowEx used to create Window-Form, but last days i see-hear that you can create controls using CreateWindowEx with diferent parameters

HMENU hm  = CreateMenu(); // <-- For Menu

A guys told you can create menu in this way:

HWND hw = CreateWindowEx(x,x,x,x,(HMENU),x,x,x),

i dont know exactly usage and much ppl dont know, will be great an guide for it.

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Maybe you need to lean how to search MSDN for what you want? Such as CreteMenu() Or read a tutorial

HWND hw = CreateWindowEx(x,x,x,x,(HMENU),x,x,x),

The above line does not create a menu. It creates a window that contains a menu.

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waw, so guys? anyone can create a guide with basic things in WIN32 programming about Controls, how we draw controls...

because is totaly diferent from Java/VB/C#/ ...

most languages use something like this...

RichTextBox rtb = new RichTextBox();

in C++/C is totaly diferent and some ppl just dont know theory part, also in C/C++ compilers dont help user with syntacting...:) i mean auto-popup list with choices :)

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maybe you should get away from programming and perhaps pursue something different; basket weaving for example.

Everything is more difficult in C/C++ than it is in java or some other languages. If you are looking for simplicity then go for C++/CLI which is .NET language. It has Windows Forms which you will probably like. You will need Microsoft's Visual c++ 2010 Express (free)


i think they already made a guide called 'programming for idiots.'

<snipped profanity and personal attack>

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<snipped profanity and personal attack>

But he was right -- he wasn't calling you an idiot, there really is a book named Programming for Idiots. But I don't suggest you buy it because it isn't very good book.

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