Who will spend little time to Create a guide about

HWND hw = CreateWindowEx( params )

in C/C++

That i want is a guide were you will have examples for all controls (Ritchtb, tb, button, tree, nodes, Listview, contextmenu, toolstrip menu, label... etc)

PS: as i know CreateWindowEx used to create Window-Form, but last days i see-hear that you can create controls using CreateWindowEx with diferent parameters

HMENU hm  = CreateMenu(); // <-- For Menu

A guys told you can create menu in this way:

HWND hw = CreateWindowEx(x,x,x,x,(HMENU),x,x,x),

i dont know exactly usage and much ppl dont know, will be great an guide for it.

Maybe you need to lean how to search MSDN for what you want? Such as CreteMenu() Or read a tutorial

HWND hw = CreateWindowEx(x,x,x,x,(HMENU),x,x,x),

The above line does not create a menu. It creates a window that contains a menu.

waw, so guys? anyone can create a guide with basic things in WIN32 programming about Controls, how we draw controls...

because is totaly diferent from Java/VB/C#/ ...

most languages use something like this...

RichTextBox rtb = new RichTextBox();

in C++/C is totaly diferent and some ppl just dont know theory part, also in C/C++ compilers dont help user with syntacting...:) i mean auto-popup list with choices :)

commented: maybe you should get away from programming and perhaps pursue something different; basket weaving for example. -2

i think they already made a guide called 'programming for idiots.'

Everything is more difficult in C/C++ than it is in java or some other languages. If you are looking for simplicity then go for C++/CLI which is .NET language. It has Windows Forms which you will probably like. You will need Microsoft's Visual c++ 2010 Express (free)

i think they already made a guide called 'programming for idiots.'

<snipped profanity and personal attack>

<snipped profanity and personal attack>

But he was right -- he wasn't calling you an idiot, there really is a book named Programming for Idiots. But I don't suggest you buy it because it isn't very good book.