I want to access folder on a remote server in a LAN. I just need to access data from there. The script needed to run and create report on server it is resident only data needs to be accessed from other server.
Please anyone can help?
I have no clue about it. I know shell scripting but not much about network access using shell scripting

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The best way to do this is to find an app that will already do the reporting for you. Then you can send the results to a file instead of standard out. Or if you can, run the report on the server and save the results to a file on an NFS share.


I have found a way to do this in shell script. May be it will help anyone sometime.

(sleep 1
echo "stdwh00";
sleep 1
echo "stdwh00";
sleep 3
echo ls
)| telnet <host>

the sleep duration is accroding to the time your connection takes to connect to telnet the server.

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